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The project logo Text Change Engagement Portal

The project logo Text Change Engagement Portal


Here you can provide your comments about text changes currently open for review.​ You can also leave your text change questions for Planning and Development staff. We're here to answer them!

Scroll down to review any open text changes. You can also view the questions and comments on closed text changes. Let's get started!  

Other ways to engage:

  1. Send your questions or comments to staff:
  2. Contact the Planning Commission:
  3. Visit the Planning Commission webpage and sign up to attend a public meeting.

To learn more about the text change process and view adopted cases, visit our text change webpage.

Text Changes Open for Public Comment

Transit Overlay Districts (TC-17-20)

This text change proposes amending the existing Transit Overlay District (TOD) regulations and creating a new overlay called Transit Overlay District-Residential (TOD-R)....