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The project logo Durant Nature Preserve Upper Lake

The project logo Durant Nature Preserve Upper Lake

Upper Lake at Durant Nature Preserve Park


There is a 6-acre upper lake at Durant Nature Preserve. Water leaving the upper lake flows through a concrete spillway (over an earthen dam) and along a 100-foot-long channel to the lower lake. In 2013, an engineering firm contracted by the City of Raleigh deemed the dam and spillway of the upper lake to be deficient and in need of repair. A study was conducted to explore options to maintain the area and protect the preserve.

Before making a recommendation, we would like to gather feedback about the experiences most important to you when visiting Durant Nature Preserve. We will consider the impact on user experience, initial project cost, ongoing operation and maintenance cost, and environmental benefit.

Please rate the importance of the following experiences at Durant Nature Preserve.
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Please rate the importance of access points that allow opportunities for photography and/or wildlife viewing. Access points may include boardwalks or mini-docks.
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