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The project logo Proposed Text Change Engagement Portal

The project logo Proposed Text Change Engagement Portal

What is a text change?

A text change is a change made to the City Code of Ordinances, a document that outlines the rules for land use and development in Raleigh. Often these changes are meant to address new development trends, accommodate changes in resident preferences, or make the existing language in the code more clear.


Why are text changes important?

The City Code of Ordinances affects what you can do on your property, what your neighbors can do on theirs, and what kind of development can take place in your neighborhood.

Text changes mean that the rules guiding development in Raleigh will change in some way.


How do text changes happen?

1. The public, city staff, or members of  City Council request a change to the City Code of Ordinances. Want to request a text change? Get more information about it on the Text Change Process webpage.

2. Staff writes a draft text change to address the request.

3. The proposed text change (if part of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)) is sent to the Planning Commission for review. The Planning Commission is a board whose members are appointed by Council and are tasked with advising on development, planning, and growth in Raleigh.

4. The proposed text change goes to City Council for review and for a final decision. If City Council votes in favor of a text change, it is adopted by the City of Raleigh.


How can I give input on a proposed text change?

There are several ways for you to get more information or provide your feedback on a proposed text change.

1. You can email the Planning Commission members.

2. You can attend the Planning Commission meeting during which the text change of interest will be discussed.

3. You can use the comment cards below for proposed text changes. Each comment card has a place for questions and a place for comments. Your comments will be included as part of the report that staff gives to the Planning Commission before they make a recommendation.


Where I can get more information about text changes?

You can find basic information on our Text Change webpage. You can find details about individual text changes on our Text Change Cases webpage.

Neighborhood Transition Requirements and Senior Housing (TC-6-20)

This text changes aims to modify the applicability of Neighborhood Transition requirements and the standards for Congregate Care and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) uses. This text change is...

Short Term Rentals (TC-8-20)

This text change will repeal the current homestay regulations of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and replace them with new regulations for short term rentals. A...