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The project logo Olde East Raleigh - Kickoff Survey

The project logo Olde East Raleigh - Kickoff Survey

The Olde East Raleigh Area Plan was completed in 2007. This project is to update that plan, focusing on changes that the neighborhood has experienced over the past 13 years and how well the existing policies have achieved the goals of the previous plan.

We’d like your help to get us started on the right foot by offering input on what the studiy should include, what the study team should focus on, and what questions we should ask the consultant teams interviewing to conduct the study.

You can read the full project description that consultants applying for the project will be responding to. You don’t need to read the project description to take this survey.


1. The draft project description lists the following issues as important to the neighborhood. Rank the issues from most important to least important for the study to include.

(To rank issues, drag them up to the box above the list. You can change the order at any time.)
Closed to responses


2. Are there important issues missing from the list that you would like us to consider?
Closed for Comments
3. Do you have any questions you'd like consultants applying for the project to answer?
Closed for Comments
4. Is there anything else about the project you'd like to tell us?
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Stay Involved

If you would like to be informed about the Olde East Raleigh Small Area Study, including a meeting with the consultant before the project officially starts, please provide your contact information below.

Thank you for your help!