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The project logo Blue Ridge Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

The project logo Blue Ridge Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

The Blue Ridge Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvement Project is an implementation step of the Blue Ridge Road District Study.

The City is completing the project in two phases. Phase I included the design concepts for pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the corridor, including right-of-way and construction estimates, project delivery schedules, and potential funding sources. Public involvement was critical during this phase and input dictated the selection of a preferred alternative.

The project is now in Phase II, which includes the final design and construction of roadway and sidewalk improvements.

Design Plans Public Meeting: Blue Ridge Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

The City is improving the bike and pedestrian connectivity on Blue Ridge Road. Proposed improvements include:A pedestrian bridge over Wade Avenue;A multi-use path;New sidewalk; and,A protected intersection...

Blue Ridge Road Bike & Ped- Advanced Design Meeting

We are making improvements to the bike and pedestrian infrastructure along Blue Ridge Road from just north of Trinity Road to Reedy Creek Road. The proposed improvements of include:A pedestrian...