PLAN to play for Baileywick Park: Public Workshop #3

This is the last of three public workshops planned for the Baileywick Park planning process! A draft master plan amendment for the park is presented along with a draft plan for park improvements with the funding available now. These plans have incorporated feedback from the first and second public workshops held in February and March 2019 and the community preference survey distributed in September through October 2018. The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department will be accepting comments at the workshop and through this online workshop until May 26, 2019.

Master Plan

A park master plan communicates an overall vision for the park. Everything shown on the park master plan may not or may not be built and improvements may occur over time.


* Please share your thoughts on the draft park master plan for Baileywick Park.

Park Improvements

The schematic design below shows park improvements based on the draft master plan that are able to built within the next two years.


* Please share your thoughts on the draft park improvement plan for Baileywick Park.
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