Where do you Experience Flooding?

This survey will help us find out more about areas that are flooding in Raleigh.

Your feedback will inform projects that are currently being designed or constructed. You also will help us identify areas that may need stormwater drainage improvements in the future. The Stormwater Management Division will use this information to plan and develop programs and projects over time. 

Please provide your contact information.
* Where do you live?

Use the the map to drag the circle to the area where you live.

* Where do you experience flooding?

Drop a pin in the area where you experience flooding. Explain what you have encountered.

* What do you typically experience?

Select all that apply.

Yard flooding
Flooding to your home
Street flooding
Limited access to your home due to flooding
Erosion of a stream or stormwater pipe in your yard
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* Have you notified us before about flooding issues?

If 'Yes', explain your experience with the City of Raleigh.

Not sure
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* Are you familiar with any of these programs?

Select all that apply.

Drainage Assistance Program
Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Raleigh Rainwater Rewards
I am not aware of these programs
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* Would you like to receive information about flood safety?
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How would you like to be contacted?
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