Capital Boulevard North Survey

Thank you for your interest in the Capital Boulevard North Corridor Study! This planning effort is just getting underway, and we'd like to better understand your vision for the area, which is outlined with a black line in the map below. What do you think are the issues that need to be addressed? What are the opportunities for improvements that should not be missed? This survey includes a few quick questions to help us begin to have a conversation about the future of this part of Raleigh. The planning process will continue throughout 2018 and into 2019, so there will be additional opportunities for input along the way, including some surveys that will ask much more detailed questions. Please follow along as this planning process unfolds!

How do you experience this area? Please select all that apply.
I pass through here on my way to other destinations
I come here for shopping or services
I live here
I work here
Other (please describe below)
I own or operate a business here
I would like to live here
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What street do you live on?
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How old are you?
65 or older
24 or younger
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On the map below, place dots or draw lines in places where you see an issue to be addressed or an opportunity to explore. Please leave a short comment on each dot/line. Use the buttons on the left to zoom in or out. (All comments are public.)
How important to you are these transportation topics?
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How important to you are these development topics?
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How important to you are these infrastructure topics to you?
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What do you think is the most critical issue that this study should address for the Capital Boulevard North corridor?
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What do you think is the most important asset that should be preserved or enhanced by this study?
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We hope you continue to stay involved. To stay informed about the project, sign up for email updates below.