The 2018 Dog Park Study is a comprehensive approach to address the need for dog parks throughout the City of Raleigh.


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Check back here often for updates, information on new dog-friendly events, and a forum for discussion with others in the community.



Based on citizen feedback, spatial data analysis, and a review of nationwide trends in dog park planning, we will develop a strategy to create safe and engaging park spaces for people with (and without) dogs.

This study will include analysis of the geographic distribution of dog parks throughout the city, opportunities & access in urban as well as suburban areas, & potential tools to encourage publicly accessible dog runs as part of new development.


We will also be launching a pilot program of pop-up dog parks, to test the idea of providing temporary off-leash areas to meet dog park needs where space for permanent dog parks is not available.


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Upcoming Events:

Pups in the Park!



Pop-Pup Park

Downtown Raleigh

Nash Square

Sept 7 - 9


City of Raleigh Poll:
Tell us what you think about Raleigh's dog parks!