Six Forks Road Corridor Study – Design Options

The Six Forks Road corridor in a way defines a unique sense of place with enhanced fluidity of movement, environmental sensitivity, and connectivity for residents, workers, students, and visitors using transportation modes of all types, including cars, bikes, pedestrian, and public transit. Six Forks Road is also a major transportation corridor that connects to the 1-440 beltline and is planned for future widening. Could the corridor relate better to the surrounding uses? Gives us your thoughts on the design options of the corridor study.

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My goals for the Six Fork Corridor are (pick your top 3):
Improved traffic flow for cars and transit
A place for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and motorists
Improved safety and accessibility for everyone
Active pedestrian lifestyle where I can walk to as many places as possible
Attractive and inviting urban street
A unique sense of place the builds on the area’s assets
A healthy natural environment
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My preference for the Six Forks Corridor is:

Option A - New Streetscape includes:

  • Consistent four-lane section through corridor

  • Narrower median with small trees and shrubs

  • Separated bicycle lanes

  • Wide sidewalks

  • Consolidated and enhanced bus stop amenities

  • Does not provide additional car traffic capacity

  • Requires 5.85 acres of right-of-way acquisition

Option B - Original Recommendation includes:

  • Consistent six-lane section through corridor

  • Wide median with large trees

  • Separated bicycle lanes

  • Wide sidewalks

  • Consolidated and enhanced bus stop amenities

  • Provides additional car traffic capacity

  • Requires 11.06 acres of right-of-way acquisition

Select One
Option B - Original six-lane recommendation
Option A - New four-lane streetscape option
Neither. I do not think anything needs to change on the Six Forks Road Corridor.
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