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Text Change Process (TC-10-20)

Text Change Process (TC-10-20)

This text change creates a new process for:

  1. Staff review and city council authorization of citizen proposed amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)
  2. Review and approval of property owner proposed amendments to property specific zoning conditions.   

View the full TC-10-20 ordinance.

Background information and Current Rules:

There are two types of text amendments in the UDO: 

  1. Amendments to the text of the UDO (Text Changes (TC-nn-yy), and; 
  2. Amendments to conditions attached to conditional zoning districts (Zoning Condition Text Changes (TCZ-nn-yy).

Currently, all authorization requests for both types of text changes come before the City Council during public comment. This process does not provide staff sufficient time to review and comment on the requests. Additionally, the City Council has determined that requests for Zoning Condition Text Changes should be processed in the same manner as rezoning (map amendment) requests. The City Council authorized this text change to establish procedures for the review of both types of text changes.

Proposed Text Change: 

  1. The proposed text change establishes a procedure for citizen-proposed text changes, which include: a pre-application conference with staff, Text Change Application submittal, and staff review of a Text Change Application. This would all happen before the authorization request is presented to the City Council. 
  2. The proposed text change also establishes a procedure for property owner proposed Zoning Condition Text Changes which mirrors the review and approval procedure for rezoning (map amendment) requests, including the requirements for neighborhood meetings.    

Public Meeting Schedule: This text change will likely be scheduled for discussion at the Planning Commission in September. We will be collecting comments here through September 17, 2020. Comments after this date should be submitted directly to the Planning Commission via email at

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