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The project logo Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Branding Survey

The project logo Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Branding Survey

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is coming to our region! BRT is a new transportation system that will feature dedicated buses and bus stations with direct routes, faster travel times, and bus-only lanes that help riders reach their destinations quicker and more reliably.

The first Wake BRT corridor is currently being developed, along with the artwork and designs (branding) for the system, including buses and facilities such as stations. We want to get your thoughts and ideas about what these elements should look like and what important characteristics of our area the designs should include.

Please take a moment to answer this brief survey about what you think should be reflected in the BRT brand, along with your thoughts about what makes a visual brand appealing. The information gathered will help inform the Wake BRT branding process.

Thank you.

In ONE WORD, what should the Wake BRT Branding communicate to BRT riders, stakeholders and local constituents?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how visually appealing are the current "Go" branded buses to you (color, logo mark, style)?
Three buses one green one blue one red
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Of these four options, which branded BRT style (just the painted design, not the shape of the bus) do you find most appealing?
BRT sleek silver
BRT vibrant local theme
BRT artistic design
"Go" brand (existing)
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What artistic and/or popular imagery of the region should inspire the Wake BRT visual identity and branding?
Oak trees (City of Oaks)
Triangles (Triangle Area)
Music (bluegrass, jazz, classical)
Sports (basketball, hockey, soccer)
Nature (lakes, red cardinals, dogwood trees, etc.)
Education & Technology (universities, tech firms)
Other (please list)
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What is the best way to distinguish individual BRT bus routes that travel in different directions throughout the area?
Different geographic directions (e.g. North line, West line, South line, East line)
Different colors (e.g. Blue line, Green line, Orange line, Purple line)
Different categories of plant life (e.g. Oak line, Maple line, Magnolia line, Dogwood line)
Other (please list)
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Ranking 1 to 5, where 1 is the most important; which feature should the branding prominently highlight?
Which 3 colors should be considered in brand development?
Why did you choose the above colors?
Which of the following best describes your connection to the Wake BRT System and the surrounding area?
Corridor Resident – I live along one of the planned BRT routes
General Wake County Resident – outside of the planned BRT routes
Major Employer – I work with or represent a company whose employees are likely to use the BRT
Non-Profit – I work with or represent a non-profit organization whose employees or constituents are likely to use the BRT
City/County/Government Official– I work for a municipality that will help support or facilitate the Wake BRT
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If you would like to receive updates on the Wake BRT project, please provide your email address, so you can be added to our mailing list. You can also visit for more information on the BRT project. Thank you!