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The project logo Latta University Historic Park Schematic Design

The project logo Latta University Historic Park Schematic Design

Latta University Historic Park is now in Schematic Design for Phase 1 Implementation, after completion of the Master Plan.

Welcome to the Virtual Open House for the Latta University Historic Park Phase 1 Schematic Design.


Latta University Historic Park is located in Oberlin Village, just south of Jaycee Park. To see a map of the area, just click this link!


During the Master Plan it was decided that implementation of Latta University Historic Park would be broken into two phases:


Phase 1 ElementsPhase 2 Elements

Interpretive Path with Historic Signage

Interpretive Pavilion

Latta House Outline Improvements

Outdoor Patio

Enhanced Site Entrances

Creative & Interactive Historic Interpretation

Succession Plantings & Invasive Removal

Ornamental Plantings

Park Benches

Additional Historic Signage



Below is the Schematic Design that shows the proposed locations for the Phase 1 elements.


Phase 1 Schematic Plan


(click to enlarge)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Schematic Design? 

The schematic design is the intermediary step between the Master Plan and the construction documents. It moves the elements from more of a general concept to a specific & implementable plan. It lays out the phase 1 elements while considering multiple factors including site topography and tree critical root zones.

Why has the path changed from where the Master Plan showed it?

The site topography and tree critical root zones have dictated the layout of the path as shown in the Schematic Design. The path shown in the Master Plan was conceptual in nature, and the final location is determined in the Schematic Design.

What is a Tree's Critical Root Zone?

The Critical Root Zone (CRZ) of a tree is the circular area on the ground where the most important roots are located. It is important for a tree's health to disturb the least amount of it's CRZ as possible. The City of Raleigh Unified Development Ordinance recommends to not disturb more than 30% of a tree's CRZ.

When will Phase 1 be built? 

The project timeline has the Schematic Design scheduled to go City Council for their review and approval by the end of the 2020 and then to start construction on Phase 1 by mid-2021.

When will Phase 2 be built? 

Phase 2 is a long-term plan that is projected to be completed as funding for implementation becomes available.

What about the Certificate of Appropriateness(COA) for Phase 1 Development?

City staff plan to obtain COA for the Schematic Design from the Raleigh Historic Development Commission later this year.

Where can I read the Master Plan?

If you'd like to read the Latta University Historic Park Master Plan, just click this link!

What will be the content of the Interpretive Signage?

An Interpretive Planning Committee of staff and citizens are developing an Interpretive Plan for Latta University Historic Park. The Interpretive Plan will determine specific interpretive goals for the site, while honoring the broader interpretive recommendations included in the Master Plan. The Interpretive Planning Committee’s objectives include identifying themes and story lines to be addressed in the interpretive elements throughout the park; considering the location of interpretive signage and interactive features; and recommending future programming opportunities. The Interpretive Planning Committee is looking at the project comprehensively with both Phase 1 and Phase 2 in mind. The Interpretive Plan will be shared online for public comment prior to completion. If you'd like more information on the Interpretive Plan for the Latta University Historic Park, please visit this website:

Are there more ways to get involved with Latta University Historic Park?

Yes! To read more about volunteer opportunities and the Donor Bench Program, please visit

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