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Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Branding Survey

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is coming to our region! BRT is a new transportation system that will feature dedicated buses and bus stations with direct routes, faster travel times, and bus-only lanes that help...


Latta University Historic Park Schematic Design

Latta University Historic Park is now in Schematic Design for Phase 1 Implementation, after completion of the Master Plan.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Projects

Raleigh has envisioned a future with greater freedom and choice of mobility than ever before. In November of 2016, Wake County voters approved a plan for focused investment in public transit which puts...

Raleigh Rainwater Rewards Survey

Thank you for participating in the Raleigh Rainwater Rewards program. We would like to know more about your experience. Please take a few moments to provide feedback. Thank you!


Latta University Historic Park Planning Process

The Latta University Historic Park Master Plan was adopted by the City of Raleigh City Council on 3/3/2020. Currently the project is in the Schematic Design Phase and is projected to start construction...

Design Options Open House

Draft Master Plan Options Open House

Baileywick Park Improvements

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department thanks those who participated in the Baileywick Park planning process!


City of Raleigh Dog Park Study

Based on citizen feedback, spatial data analysis, and a review of nationwide trends in dog park planning, the City of Raleigh developed a strategy to create safe and engaging park spaces for people with...


Past Projects

Text Change Process (TC-10-20)

This text change creates a new process for:Staff review and city council authorization of citizen proposed amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)Review and approval of property owner proposed...

Equitable Development Around Transit

The Equitable Development Around Transit process has focused on planning for housing and other land uses around bus rapid transit (BRT). Plan participants indicated overwhelmingly that the city should...


Infill Setback and Building Height (TC-4-20)

This text changes will repeal and replace the current methods in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) for calculating how building height is measured, how the primary street setback is determined...


Short Term Rentals (TC-8-20)

This text change will repeal the current homestay regulations of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and replace them with new regulations for short term rentals. A...


Neighborhood Transition Requirements and Senior Housing (TC-6-20)

This text changes aims to modify the applicability of Neighborhood Transition requirements and the standards for Congregate Care and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) uses. This text change is...

Atlantic Avenue Improvement Project: Advanced Design Touchpoint

The advanced designs for the project are complete and we want to know what you think. Before you take today's survey please make sure you have viewed the Presentation and design map. 


Site Plan/Plot Plan and Revisions (TC-14-19)

Site Plan/Plot Plan and Revisions (TC-14-19): Amend the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to incorporate a 3-tiered system for categorizing site plans based on construction type and level of impact. ...


Mezzanines (TC-7-20)

Mezzanines (TC-7-20): Amend the UDO definition for a mezzanine and allow a mezzanine covering less than 50% of the floor area on one level of a building. Currently, the UDO allows one mezzanine, which...


Blount St & Person St, Phase II - Corridor User Survey

The Blount Street – Person Street Corridor Study was adopted in 2013, before the Downtown Transportation Plan or Wake County Transit Plan were in consideration, and before a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)...


Fisher Street Park Relocation - Concept Plans

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department invites you to share your thoughts and ideas during the Fisher Street Park planning process.  As part of the overall East College...


Equitable Development Around Transit Recommendations Survey

In 2016, Wake County residents chose a future with greater freedom and choice of mobility than ever before. The decision to adopt and fund the Wake County Transit Plan represented the biggest investment...


Wake BRT: Southern Corridor - Online Survey

The Wake BRT: Southern Corridor will connect downtown Raleigh with the North South Station and Purser Drive in Garner. The survey will be open until March 20, 2020.


Wakefield Small Area Study - Kickoff Survey

The Wakefield Small Area Study is focused on an area surrounding Falls of Neuse Road between the Neuse River and Capital Boulevard. You can read the full project description that consultants applying...


Design Plans Public Meeting: Blue Ridge Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

The City is improving the bike and pedestrian connectivity on Blue Ridge Road. Proposed improvements include:A pedestrian bridge over Wade Avenue;A multi-use path;New sidewalk; and,A protected intersection...


Blue Ridge Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

The Blue Ridge Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvement Project is an implementation step of the Blue Ridge Road District Study.The City is completing the project in two phases. Phase I included the design...

Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue

The design phase for implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on New Bern Avenue is underway. Approximately 3.3 miles of the 5.1-mile corridor would use dedicated transit lanes between the GoRaleigh Station,...


Raleigh BRT: Equitable Development Around Transit (Equity and Sustainability)

Raleigh BRT: Equitable Development Around TransitRaleigh and Wake County are planning a future with greater freedom and choice of mobility than ever before, with bus rapid transit (BRT) lines extending...


Fisher Street Park Community Input Survey

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department invites you to share your thoughts and ideas during the Fisher Street Park planning process.  As part of the overall East College...


Midtown: From Ideas to Action

The Midtown-St. Albans area plan is focused on making Midtown an even better place as it grows and evolves. This survey is designed to help us prioritize proposed improvements for the area, including projects...


Encuesta sobre valores comunitarios en Capital Boulevard North

El Estudio del Corredor Capital Boulevard se enfoca principalmente en el transporte, pero Capital Boulevard es mucho más que simplemente una avenida. Es un destino regional para ir de compras, un...

Survey for Residents

We'd like to know your experience using the manual, completing construction on your property, and development impacts in your neighborhood.​


Survey for Developers

We'd like to hear about your experience using the stormwater design manual as well as meeting local/state regulations and development trends. 


Municipalidad de Raleigh Encuesta sobre relleno residencial

La municipalidad de Raleigh está llevando a cabo un estudio para reunir información y hacer recomendaciones sobre la construcción de viviendas en vecindarios establecidos, lo cual...

Capital Boulevard North Design Directions Survey

Capital Boulevard North Design Directions SurveyIntroductionDuring the Capital Boulevard North Corridor Study, the City asked residents to state their goals for making Capital Boulevard better in...


Residential Infill Development Survey

The City of Raleigh is undertaking a study to gather information and make recommendations regarding the construction of new residential houses within existing neighborhoods, something known as “infill...


Capital Boulevard North Community Assets Survey

The Capital Boulevard North Corridor Study has a major focus on transportation, but Capital Boulevard is much more than just a road. It is a regional shopping destination, a hub of small businesses, and...


Wake BRT: Western Blvd Survey

The Wake BRT: Western Blvd. study aims to find the best way to integrate Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Western Blvd. to connect downtown Raleigh, NC State University, and downtown Cary. This survey will...


Wake BRT: New Bern Ave.

The City of Raleigh is conducting a survey to gather feedback on conceptual design for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along New Bern Avenue. Each of the images below provide conceptual BRT designs and placement...


Midtown St. Albans - Eligiendo un camino

Introducción Según los comentarios del público, la zona de Midtown es excelente pero resolver ciertos problemas podría mejorarla. Esta encuesta rápida se divide en los...

Raleigh BRT: Equitable Development Around Transit

Raleigh BRT: Equitable Development Around Transit Raleigh and Wake County are planning a future with greater freedom and choice of mobility than ever before, with bus rapid transit (BRT) lines extending...


Floodplain Regulations Survey

The City of Raleigh - Stormwater Management Division is interested in gathering feedback from the community on the City's floodplain regulations. Take a few minutes to complete the survey and share...


Atlantic Avenue Road Improvement Project

The City of Raleigh is widening Atlantic Avenue from Highwoods Boulevard to New Hope Church Road. The purpose of the project is to make Atlantic Avenue safe, convenient, and comfortable for all modes of...

Raleigh Sidewalk Projects

We are installing new sidewalks along many of our streets, making Raleigh a more pedestrian friendly City. On this page, you will find public meeting surveys and survey results from sidewalk...

Downtown Raleigh Cleanliness

Results from this short survey on downtown Raleigh cleanliness will help inform the City’s operations. For this purpose, downtown Raleigh is defined as Peace Street to Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard,...